October 26, 2010


I went back to work at Lagoons first aid department again this year for my 6th year there. Since I get into the park free I decided to get Ariane and Lucy season passes this year and it was worth it. We've had a really good time together.

I have noticed that there are several rides that have a dragon theme or a dragon in them like...

Puff the Dragon, a roller coaster for kids and parents

The Jumping Dragon, a ride that spins around frontwards and backwards and is also for adults and kids

There is dragon car on the Scallywags ride, a ride that spins around and the kids can make the car go up and down, unfortunately adults cannot ride this with their kids

The Carousel has a dragon on it as well, Lucy is not happy to be getting off this ride and of course you can ride this with your kids.

The Dragon Fly may be bit of stretch here since it's an insect not so much an actual dragon but it dose have dragon in its name. It is a swing ride that also spins around and you can ride it with your kids to.

And finally it's Coleuses the Fire Dragon. Lucy isn't tall enough for this nor dose she have the back bone for it yet but hopefully some day we will ride it together.

Lucy is also doing very well training in Lagoons Air Force

Like the Sky Fighter

The Red Baron planes

And the Helicopters.
All of which do the same thing, spin around and go up and down.

Hopefully we can increase her training in the future by riding the Paratroopers, Flying Aces and even the Rocket, though she may have to do that last one solo since I hate it.


Sarah said...

I hate the Rocket, too. You guys have too much fun at Lagoon. When is non-virgin Lagoon day?

Hali said...

Non-virgin night got cancelled on account of someones sore foot, I am looking at you Scott.