July 24, 2011

Lucys First Stiches

The other afternoon I was working at the fire station when I got a call from Ariane, who told me that Lucy had fallen in the bathtub hitting her chin on the metal part of the shower door. She said it was bleeding pretty bad and looked pretty deep. I told her to come by the station and I would check it out. After looking at it we decided Lucy would need some stitches.

We went out to the Insta Care in Layton and the nurse agreed it would need stitches. They numbed her up pretty good but Lucy still cried a lot, I think she was more scared then in pain.

The doctor and nurse were really good and both very patient with our scared little girl. They were really quick, we still had time to make it up to my cousin Carries wedding reception. Here she is four stitches later.

Lucy is really falling (no not following) in her mother’s footsteps. Lariann also had stitches right underneath her chin when she was a little girl, must be a genetic thing.


Melanie said...

Wow! I have never had stitches before. I am terrified that I would need to one day. Yes, I am. Hopefully that will never happen.

Lindsay said...

Lucy really is just like Lari. Scar and all! I hope all is well!

Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

awww poor baby! That's almost the exact same spot that our Gabe had his stitches! Hope she is doing better. At least nobody will ever see that scar!

Sarah said...

I also got stitches there! I was cleaning my room and cut my chin on some cassette tape holders.