July 27, 2011

Manly Names: Villain Edition

Ariane is now entering that last four weeks of her pregnancy, or at least she hopes she is. We’ll just wait and see if the boy decides to stay in an extra week or so.

Having still not settled on a name it’s time for another poll. We’ll consider the last poll the Manly Names: Heroes Edition, where Maverick really cleaned house in the polls. That makes this one the Villains Edition. So here are some of our favorite manly villains. Disney characters seem to dominate this one, but that’s because Disney creates such memorable villains. Here is the next set of names in no particular order.

GASTON: There’s no one in town half as manly as you can see he’s got biceps to spare. He is defiantly one of the manliest of Disney villains. No one's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston and no one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's. All qualities every man would want. The drawback is he’s defiantly lacking in the brains department. But on the plus side every last inch of him is covered in hair.

VOLDEMORT: I’m sure with the popularity of the Harry Potter movies and books this name is going to really take off. We could even refer to the boy as He Who Must Not Be Named, though that may get a little long when paired with Bredthauer.

JAFFAR: This gives us some ethnicity. It would really throw people off when they ask where his family is descended from and the boy tells them Germany. We would need to get an obnoxious parrot to go with the name and I'm not sure how long I can put with that.

DARTH: I can’t have a name list without someone from Star Wars being on it or in this case two someone’s. His middle name would be based on who ever we chose to name him after, either Vader or Maul.

MEGATRON: He is the leader of the Decepticons in the Transformers movies and cartoon show. He’s a pretty bad dude but he’s never r been able to finish of the Autobots and really put them away. He’s kind of a failure but you’ve got to admire his tenacity, every time he flees you here him yell, “Next time Prime” (referring to Optimus Prime, his arch nemesis) The guy just doesn’t know how to quit.

COBRA COMMANDER: We would just call him Cobra; maybe make Commander his middle name.  Leader of a group of military terrorists from the G.I. Joe cartoon show and movie.   Same story as Megatron, leader of an evil group and he can’t seem to beat the good guys but always promises to be back again. For the record this movie was terrible so that is another drawback. This name does have the snake that we could use instead and drop the Commander from the middle name. It is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

SCAR: I’ve always wondered why his parents named him this. Was he born with a scar, did they not name until after he had the scar, did he get the scar during delivery or is it just a coincidence? Either way it would force me to give the boy some kind of scar on his face which may be borderline child abuse, but maybe it doesn’t count if you name your kid Scar and you are just helping him live up to his name sake.

There you have it, our manly names for villains. Let us know which one you like and we’ll let you know of the boy arrives early; otherwise we’ll see how many of those polls we can do in the next four weeks.


Krissy said...

I voted for Darth because Darth Bredthauer sounds cool. Although Cobra Commander might get some interesting comments from people.

Sarah said...

I vote for Gaston but I also thought a lot about Cobra.

Hali said...

I chose Jaffar, I thought it would be fun to make people guess why anybody would name their kid this. Plus, I would kind of like having a parrot around, that could be fun!

Sayyadina said...

See, now, if you were a Dune fan, you would have a whole slew of manly villian names to choose from: Javid, Vladimere, Fayd, The Beast Rabban, Shaddam, Wellington, Othyem, Edric, Agamemnon, Erasmus (which is really close to a Michaelson family name, Rassmus), and so many more! :)

Of your list...Gaston. There's no one in town half as manly.

Dave said...

Cobra Commander, because it hearkens back to a day when terrorists could be easily identified by their shiny metal masks and prominent snake logos stitched on their uniforms.

Andrew said...

His name is Scar because he has a scar on his left eye. You can see it in your picture.

Oh, and I vote for Sauron. Check out his armour! Can you get more manly than that? Plus, he has a cool ring that makes you disappear! How did he not even make the list?!?