July 4, 2011

Manly Names

As many of you know Arianes due date is coming up at the end of August so we only have about six or seven weeks to come with a truly MANLY name for the boy.

THOR- This one is for my brother Greg who is really pushing for this name, I’m sure my brother in-law John and his wife Liz would be on board for this name too.

RAMBO- Technically his first name is John but we could go with Rambo for a first name. Sylvester Stallone could work if we only used his last name for the boys first name, just like with Rambo.

ROOSTER- A manly cowboy with an eye patch, we could also use John Wayne as well but I think I would pass on Jeff Bridges for a name.

MAVERICK-We could name the boy after the pilot in “Top Gun” played by Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is too crazy to name the boy after. He could also be named for the cowboy character Mel Gibson played; I don’t know that Mel’s name is good enough these days after all the trouble he’s been in. Or we could name him after the team that won the NBA championship the year he was born, then we could decorate his room in a Dallas Mavericks theme, however I’m not a big Dallas fan so that seems pretty unlikely.

WOLVERINE- The character played by Hugh Jackman, though Hugh does not make it to our manly list, or the animal itself. Either way you look at it it’s manly.

HERCULES- One of the oldest manly names around could be for the Disney cartoon character, the mythological Greek character or the character played by Kevin Sorbo. Sorry Kevin your names not quite manly enough to be considered.

INDIANA- This might be my favorite movie character of all time. Played by Harrison Ford who’s name could be considered manly enough for this list, not quite on the same level as John Wayne since Harrison in real life is kind of a hippie.

HAN- Han Solo is the most manly character from “Star Wars”, he’s a reluctant hero, a rogue, a scoundrel and he’s been described as a space cowboy, how cool is that? Chewbacca was also considered to represent the “Star Wars” franchise but let’s face it that would just be ridiculous when paired with Bredthauer.

Please vote and let us know what name you think is MANLY enough for the boy. Just because a name wins doesn’t necessarily mean that we will use it, but I will try my hardest to convince Ariane.


Melanie said...

I sure hope you can convince your wife, because some of those names are pretty much kick butt awesome sauce.

Krissy said...

I voted for none of them, but not because they aren't great names. I couldn't vote for Thor because I know a dog with a goiter named Thor. I didn't vote Rambo because it doesn't flow too well with Bredthauer. I didn't choose Rooster or Hercules because they were lame. Indiana is a manly character, but I don't think it's a very manly name. Han Bredthauer sounds too foreign. I would've picked Wolverine, but I was worried that it would inspire Marc to tell that story about the wolverine way too many times over the next 18+ years. I guess that means I should've picked Maverick, but let's face it... you shouldn't name your kid after either a Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson character.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you are considering the last name in this selection, cuz a lot of names get thrown out when paired with Bredthauer.

Hali said...

I will go with Maverik for the pure purpose of the volleyball scene, although I would expect him to know how to play volleyball at an early age and also to have a friend named ice man.

Dave said...

Really, any of these names would be good, as long as you let your son wear yellow spandex with an eye patch and fedora while toting a machine gun and giant hammer. And don't forget we left "Guy Manly" on the table when we named Eddie.

Scarlet said...

Well, you know, Wolverene's name is Logan. And Logan is a good name.
John says to name him John, of course.
We do both vote for Thor as that is such a great name.
Or there is aways Tony (as in Tony Stark, aka Ironman.) You know, something cool like that.

Marc said...

We called the dog Indiana!!!

@Kristen - Was the dog named Thor or was the goiter named Thor?

I therefore vote for Thambroostimaverineules Solo Bredthauer. I know it wasn't on the list but it does combine all of the name in a manly yet elegant way. Also, think of how big of shelf you'd need to hold his name blocks.

Sayyadina said...

I'm going for Stallone. And don't rule out Hercules. Because then he could hang out with my friend's new baby, Aristotle. Well, by that I mean your Herc could beat up their Ari. Herc! Herc! Herc! Herc!

Seriously though, I like Jack and Stallone. With Stallone, he could be the S.S. Bredthauer! LOL I kill me!

Jessica said...

Marc's name is pretty epic. Maybe you can have manly AND epic? There might be a few others ... conan, james (as in bond), maximus decimus meridius(as in gladiator...

The Bredthauers said...

There's a kid in my parent's ward whose name really is Indiana Jones. He's a scrawny redhead, so it's not really that manly. ha ha.