November 7, 2007

Changes on the Ambulance

As of Tuesday November 6th at 0830 my partner of 7 months at SouthWest Ambulance, Curtis Watkins, is no longer my partner. He will be moving to greener pastures with less hobos up in the Sugar House area on SouthWest 3.

We've had some great times together with some memorable calls. I'll never forget the man who fell about 70 feet while cleaning windows and broke both his legs but managed to live, in part I think because of our efforts. Or the female escort who showed us her boobs one wet night on a car crash out on the freeway, because she was drunk and thought if she did so we would drop her off at a bus stop and not take her to the hospital where UHP was waiting to arrest her. I'm sure we've made about a hundred trips to the homeless shelter together, and we each hated every minute of it.

These pictures are from a couple of calls we went on. Above is a car crash on the freeway, he didn't survive unfortunately. To the right is an auto vs. pedestrian. Amazingly, he did survive.



WOW! I have to second the earlier comment and just say "you are such a dork!" or should I say "totally" a dork. Ha,Ha :)
I love it! I might have a hard time reading your blog as I am so going to miss you guys and it'll also be hard to see all the calls you are going on and I am not :( (though I wont miss rio grand!)
Congrats on the blog--it's addicting! Tell Lari Ann and Lucy "Hi"

ScottBoomer said...

Must people make fun of me in my own blog?

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