November 27, 2007

Lucy In Her Christmas Dresses

We had some pictures of Lucy taken in her Christmas dresses, two Grandmas means two Christmas dresses. My cousin Amy took them that's why her copyright is on all the pictures, but I thought I'd post them anyway since they are so cute.

Red dress with red bow, she even gave us a little smile.
Here she is in her black and white dress, the red back ground looks great here
This one was hard to do since she hates hats and usually

pulls them right off. Lots of red here.

She had a goot time taking this picture, those are my feet and hands
Here's Lucy with her cousin Britian, my brother Tylers boy. They are about 4 months appart, he did not enjoy this experience at all. Thats Tyler and I holding them up

Here's Tyler with his wife Brooke and they're little boy Britian.

Britian also had to have a wardrob change.



Oh my word she is like a little angel! I love the one where you are holding her up!!!
I better see her when we are up there in December!

Cares said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog! i love these picures, she is such a doll!! it was good to see you guys! happy holidays!!

Amy N said...

Aw...She is a doll! Thanks for letting me take her pictures!