July 16, 2009

Independence Day

I know it's like two weeks after the 4th of July but I had some pictures that i wanted to put up.
For the last 4 years I have been in the Kaysville parade with the Fire Dept looking something like this to all the crowds lining the street.

I thought this year I would take some pictures of everyone I saw along the parade rout, well everyone I care about. If you're not pictured and I didn't hear you yelling my name that's probably because all I hear is, "Siren, siren, honk, honk, whirrr, Siren, honk". You'll have to forgive me. If you feel slighted because I didn't toss you enough or any candy, go down to the store and by your self a big bag of taffy they're only like $2.00.
Now on to the photos.

First on the rout was my sister in law Rachelle, her husband Devin and daughter Kira.

Next was my brother in law John and his wife Liz. He's the one in the black hat standing up and she's in front of him.

Then my family. My parents, my sister Alison,my sister in law Stacey, my daughter Lucy and my Aunt Jeans family her husband Kevin and two kids Henry and Marie

Here is my Uncle Carl and Aunt Jenifer with some of their kids Daniel, Melanie and Leslie. I'm not sure why they are acting so weird. We were at the front of the parade so they couldn't have consumed that much candy yet, maybe it's because I dumped a bag of candy in front of them or maybe they were just so excited for me to take their picture. Who knows?

Last on route were my brother and sister in law Jared & Julaine and their kids, who were more interested in the candy I had just dumped on the ground than getting their picture taken.

Lucy's favorite was the beads that Taco Time tossed out and the bear that she got. She could have cared less about the candy.

Happy Independence Day everyone!I'm all out of candy and back riding in the truck.


Hali said...

I am sad that I am not amongst the pictures but since I wasn't their I don't feel too bad. Looks like a good time, I guess I will have to go and buy my own bag of candy.

Jessica said...

Parades are my favorite. They are even more my favorite when I know people in them!!

Annemarie said...

The pictures of you and Lucy are so cute! Oh and the ones of the firetrucks aren't bad either... :)