July 21, 2009


Many of you probably don't know that today, July 21st, is the begining of the POWER WEEK; which runs until July 27th. This was something Tyler and I thought up when we were teenagers. I'm not sure why we chose the name Power Week; but let me explain why this week is significant.

It starts with Tylers birthday and ends on my Birthday.

During the week we have our cousin Matthews birthday on the 25th. When he was born that was when we first came up with the POWER WEEK.

And then there is also Pioneer Day.

As you can see this is a big week. This year though Tyler, Matthew and myself will all be in different states so the celebrations probably won't be as "Powerfull" as they have been in the past. We may also have to look into expanding it to a full month, making this the POWER MONTH. Then we could also include the 4th of July but mostly it would be to inlcude Tylers new son Braden James, who was born July 14, 2009.
Calling it the POWER 2 WEEKS just sounds stupid, as opposed I guess to how smart the POWER WEEK sounds. I tryed to talk Brooke into waiting till the 21st but she wouldn't listen to me. Oh well.

So Happy Birthday Tyler and Matthew and Happy Pioneer Day everyone else.


Amy N. said...

Hey if you make it the power month then Greg and I can both join and so can Crystal's Brett and Ammon...I say let's make it the Power Month

Marc said...

You should extend it five months in either direction and call it the POWER YEAR!!!

Hali said...

Just so you know Peyton's birthday is July 28th and he would also like to be included in the power week, and he told me that he would like you to get him some pants!

Dutch John Guymon said...

how could you forget my wedding anniversary? it is the same day as Ty's b-day!! I can't believe you forgot!! :)

Scarlet said...

wow Scott. look at the can of worms you opened.

Brooke Bredthauer said...

Sorry I couldn't wait for Power Week to have Braden, but Power Month sounds good to me....it sounds like that would be great! Maybe next year we can all take a cruise to celebrate!