July 7, 2009


I decided to go back to work at Lagoon this summer. My friend Cole talked me into it. I guess they were short a few people and were desperate so they wanted me back. My sister Alison is also back as well.

The good thing about it is I now get into the park for free and I can get Lucy in since she is under three. So the other night when Alison and I went in to get our ID badges we brought Lucy along and took her on a few rides.

Her favorite is the carousel. She gets angry when she has to stand in line and when the ride stops. I know how she feels.

She also enjoyed the baby boats a lot.

Right after this picture was taken I walked away and she freaked out. So she never actually rode this ride. But she sure looks cute in the picture.


Cares said...

Haha oh Lagoon! So do you think maybe you could get me in for free?? :) Looks like a good time. She is such a cute girl it was fun playing with her at my house a couple of weeks ago, the lil nut makes me laugh!

Krissy said...

Does this mean that we can all go this summer at a ridiculous discount? That Lady Bug Bop is calling my name.

Jessica said...

Baby boats rock! I remember when they use to be baby blue.