January 27, 2010


I get asked quite often, “Who watches Lucy for you?” Well the answer to that is I have a whole team of baby sitters who help me out. During the day Lucy has some baby sitters she goes to while I sleep and at night most of the time someone comes over to watch her but sometimes she goes and spends the night somewhere. They feed her, give her baths, change her diapers, entertain her, put up with her tantrums, do her hair and so much else I can’t name it all. I’d like to take the time now to tell you about them, what they do and how much they help out. So let’s meet the team.

All Stars-These are the ones who help out the most. I can call them at the last minute if I need to, they take her to church with them and they are usually the ones who come over the most at night

Lorain, my mother in law and Lucy’s grandma (picture not available). She is wonderful. Lorain comes over and spends the night on Mondays and Tuesdays while I go to work. She also takes her for the day on Wednesdays. Lorain also does quite a bit on the weekends whether it’s spending the night at my place while I work or taking Lucy during the day while I sleep. Lucy has spent the night over at her house many times as well. My father in law and Lucy’s grandpa Jerry helps watch Lucy when she goes over to their place and has spent the night at my house to on several occasions. Lucy loves to go her grandma and grandpas house, sometimes she would rather stay there than come home. Can’t say I blame her though.

My parents and Lucy’s grandparents Paul & Debra and my sister and Lucy’s aunt Alison. My Mom and Alison split time spending the night on Sunday and Wednesday and also a lot on weekends. My Dad comes over on Thursday nights and takes Lucy during the day on Friday since he doesn’t work on Fridays, and they always make pancakes, her favorite food. I think my Mom might even be a little jealous of my Dad that he gets Lucy for a whole day all to himself. Much like my in laws Lucy has spent the night at my parents many times. My parents have even taken Lucy to church at my ward to make sure she gets to her nursery every once in a while. Alison will be moving to Logan at the end of the month and it’s going to be hard to replace her.

Starters-These are people who watch Lucy every week. They adjust their schedules so they can watch her and go out of their way by coming and picking her up at my place.

My aunt Louise takes Lucy every Monday. They run errand together and Lucy loves to play with Louise’s kids, they are so good to her. She even has us over for dinner when I pick Lucy up, which is great since I don’t like eating alone

My aunt Jennifer takes Lucy on Tuesdays. Lucy loves to go over and play with their dog Sparky, though he doesn’t love it as much. Lucy especially loves to play with my cousin Daniel. Jennifer and my uncle Carl have also watched her in evenings several times when I’ve had stuff to do, they live in Kaysville so they are pretty close and have helped out extra quite a lot. My cousin Daniel has even spent the night at my place a few times. They also have us over for dinner when I come to pick Lucy up.

My aunt Jean has Lucy on Thursdays. They go to the school quite a bit as Jean goes over there a lot to help out teachers, they’ve been to the aquarium, costume parades and many other activities. I think Lucy likes it. Her kids love to play with Lucy and Lucy loves the attention. Jean also has us over for dinner and occasionally sends me home with some left over’s.

My brother in law John and his wife Liz come over on Wednesday evenings when I have training at the fire station. John’s a pretty good sport he watches Tinkerbelle, The Little Mermaid and many other girly movies that Lucy and Liz love to watch. Though Liz changes all the diapers so I guess she should pick what they watch. They get Lucy ready for bed for me and often have her in bed when I get home.

Bench-This group may not watch Lucy on a regular basis but they help out when they can and they are a very integral part of the team. I need people like this to help out when my regulars can’t watch Lucy.

Rachel, my sister in law is some I go to when one of the regulars is unable to. If there were a Sixth Man award, like in the NBA, Rachel would win. She has her own one year old daughter to take care of, who Lucy kind of bullies. It’s great to have someone like Rachel who I can call when others aren’t able to watch Lucy. Her husband Devin is there a lot to, but I don’t know how much babysitting he actually does.

My brother Greg and his wife Stacey, who live in Logan, often come and stay at my place when they come down to see their families. They will take Lucy for whole weekends and she goes everywhere with them, Stacey’s family, my family it doesn’t matter they take Lucy with them. They even came down and stayed with us for Christmas, which was really nice to have them.

Sarah, my cousin and her husband Andrew, also live in Logan and much like my brother they have stayed at my house when they come down to visit and just like Greg they take Lucy everywhere with them. Sarah describes watching Lucy as the best form of birth control. She’s discovered that Lucy isn’t always cute but has plenty of moments where she is angry and crying. Still she keeps coming back so she must like Lucy in spite of that.

My Cousin Melanie, just like the last two, lives in Logan and comes down on the weekends and sometimes stays with me and watches Lucy. It really helps when these guys come down and stay with me. It takes some pressure of my parents and in laws on the weekends so they can get some of their stuff done.

Lucy does pretty well with all this shuffling around. She cries quite often when she leaves with whomever in the morning but apparently stops shortly after they pull out of the drive way, so this is just a show to make me feel bad. She then will sometimes repeat the crying when I go to pick her up, she’s having so much and doesn’t want to leave.

I know it’s not the most convenient thing for everyone to take time to watch Lucy or spend the night at my house with her; but it is so nice to have people like this who are willing to help. I don’t know what I would do without all of you. Thank you so much.


Melanie said...

Awe, Scott! I'm happy to help out when I can. Besides, when I spend the night I can watch Friends at your place! Woo hoo! :)

Sarah said...

:) Scott, you make me feel happy. We love you! And yes, Lucy is the best form of birth control, and I definitely love her (despite the potty training fiasco). She is a good little girl.

The Bredthauers said...

We LOVE Lucy! Wish we could help out more!

Tyler, Brooke, Britain and Braden said...

If we lived closer, I would hope we'd be on the list too! Glad you have such great family!