January 15, 2010

A Kid At Heart

I've made some additions to my bedroom over the last few months that I think are proof that I've never really grown up.

I several different people who come and spend the night with Lucy while I go to work the grave yard shift at church security or nights at the fire station. This has meant that I needed to get more sheets so people will have clean ones on the bed when they come. I took this as an opportunity to recapture my youth a little.

I already had a set of Denver Broncos sheets that Lariann got for me a few years ago. The first set I went out and added was the St. Louis Cardinals

But it didn't stop there. This Christmas Santa brought me a set of Star Wars sheets

I have been unable to locate any Utah Jazz, Utah Utes or Weber State Wildcats sheets. So if any body sees any let me know, I am always looking for new sheet sets to add to my collection.

This now opens up all kinds of decorating options for me.


Bed spreads

Or whole bedroom sets

The possibilities are endless


Dave said...

I showed Eddie the Star Wars sheets and he immediately said "P-P-O!" So we know you've got his approval.

Cares said...

Oh boy.... That's all she wrote. :)

Crystal said...

Ha! Care that's exactly what I was going to comment. Oh boy, Scott, oh boy.

Hali said...

That is wicked awesome, and kind of weird, but cool, I guess. Good for you Scott, I will keep my eyes open for those particular team sheets, but just so you know Kmart does have Hannah Montana sheet sets if you are interested.

Sam said...

I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be finding any of those sheet sets anytime soon.

Tyler, Brooke, Britain and Braden said...

Poor Ty wouldn't be allowed to use these even if he did buy them...but I'm very happy for you!