August 3, 2011

Manly Names: Lucy Edition

It looks like Gaston took the vote for “Manly Villain Name” Though it was very close with Megatron. With three weeks left till the due date I’ll keep pressing on in my search for a manly name for the boy. Our next category is “Manly Names: The Lucy Edition” or in other words names that Lucy has wanted to name the boy and they are creative.

LIGHTNING: Lucy has loved the movie “Cars” for as long as she can remember. So of course this has at one time been a name she wanted her new brother to have. However given the boys gene pool he won’t be called Lightning for his speed but possibly for sticking his hand in a light socket. Perhaps McQueen could be the first name or we could call him Lightning McBredthauer, it would make people wonder if we were Scottish or German.

R2-D2: Her favorite character from “Star Wars”. We always have to have a “Star Wars” character in these polls. It would be easy to learn to spell and with a last name like Bredthauer and easy first name can really come in handy.

PHINEAS: From Lucy’s current favorite show “Phineas and Ferb” produced by Disney. Phineas is pictured below with his pet platypus Perry. I know it’s not the manliest name, but it is what Lucy wants. The show revolves around these two kids Phineas and Ferb who are step brothers and they build all kinds of crazy stuff and have all kinds of adventures. Araine finds the show witty and funny, Lucy finds it entertaining.

JACK: Lucy likes this name because it is the name of one of her favorite movie characters, Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. It may be a semi scary movie but she loves it. I how ever think we should name him Jack after the famous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and Arianes grandpa was named Jack as well. We could name him Jack S Bredthauer and the S could stand for Skellington, Sparrow or Stevens depending on which one of us you talk to.

Not as many names this time but enough that we can get an idea of what you like based on what Lucy likes. Let us know which one or ones you like and be sure to vote. If the boy hasn’t come by next week we will have another poll up.


KNOWLES said...

Love that Jack S can stand for any of the 3 favorites definitely a great compromise!! :) (guess you now know which one I voted for)

Sarah said...

Jack S could also stand for Jack Scott! I voted for Jack cuz it is normal and would be a good name. I also like Phineas and McBredthauer.

Hali said...

I went with Phineas, he will have to spell the last name all the time, why not the first name too.

Melanie said...

Man, Lucy knows such manly names!! JK, but still fun. I'm loving these manly names posts.