August 20, 2011

Manly Names: The Final Four

It’s now less then a week till Arianes due date. The doctor told her she shows no signs of going into labor any time soon. So that means it’s time for another one of these polls about the baby’s name.
We have the final four for the Manly Names. I’ve discussed in depth what’s great about these names, but now lets discus some of the draw backs to each of the remaining names. It’s down to the following:

JERMAIN: The name of Weber States star point guard but also the name of Michael Jackson's less famous brother who sung with him in the group the Jackson Five. Not sure I want a name that is associated with Michael Jackson some how.

GASTON: He may be manly but the country he is from is not. In the last 100 years they’ve been beaten in two world wars and the only good things they’ve given us are the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and that horny skunk Pepe Le Pew.

MAVERICK: Sure it’s the same name used by the cowboy Mel Gibson played and the navy fighter pilot that Tom Cruise played, but lets face it those two guys don’t enjoy the best reputation anymore. From arrests to acting crazy on talk shows, these guys don’t have the same great reputation they used to.

JACK: A lot of good things about this name but lets not forget it’s also associated with a brand of whiskey, slang for a donkey and a certain movie trilogy (which I love but other find it offensive).

So given those draw backs let us know which manly name from our final four you think the boy should have. Hopefully he’ll come soon so we can stop doing these stupid posts and get back to what’s really important, my half baked ideas.


coleslaw9 said...

Y r there ZERO star wars names?! Wtf over

ScottBoomer said...

This is a culmination of four other polls taking the winners of each of those to create a final four of names. As much as it pains me to say it none of the Star Wars names made it this far. I was as shocked as you are.

Annemarie said...

I'm gonna have to agree with you on the Jermaine thing. I wouldn't want to have my kid named after anything/anyone that would remind me of Michael Jackson. Plus I've heard Jermaine used as a girl's name, which makes it less manly right there.

Gaston reminds me of a certain cartoo-up cartoon character. Plus your kid is bound to get teased at some point about his name and something about a "ton" of "gas".

Maverick is okay, but it may need a nickname because it sounds so formal.

Jack is a classic manly name. And its the name of some of my favorite characters, like Jack Bauer and Capt. Jack Sparrow! Guess my vote is Jack. Not that I have any say. :)

Good luck! Hope the delivery goes well!