August 25, 2011

Manly Names: Star Wars Bonus Round

Jack defeated the other three finalists to take the victory in the manly name contest. However due to protests from some of my loyal readers, particularly Cole Brock, and the fact that Ariane still hasn’t had the baby and probably won’t until next week I’ve decided to proceed with a bonus “Star Wars” round.

There are six “Star Wars” movies so there should be six characters one representing each of the “Star Wars” movies. Let’s begin.

From Episode I Qui Gon Jinn: The wise Jedi who’s trying to teach Obi Wan about the force while trying to save Queen Amidala and the planet of Naboo from the trade federation when he discovers Aniken Skywalker and has to fight the Sith lord Darth Maul. The man has a lot on this plate and completing three out of his four tasks successfully is pretty good.

From Episode II Jango Fett: The bounty hunter who was so great that they decided to clone him into an entire army.

From Episode III Mace Windu: Samuel L. Jackson plays the bad @$$ leader of the Jedi. Though he meats an untimely end in this movie he is still one manly Jedi.

From Episode IV Obi Wan Kenobi: He also had major roles in the first three movies but when he hits this movie he is the wise Jedi master who pushes Luke Skywalker towards his destiny. In the other movies he proves himself quite tough and manly by fighting and defeating multiple Sith Lords, droid armies and bounty hunters.

From Episode V Lando Calrissian: He’s one smooth scoundrel, played by Billy Dee Williams he makes betraying your best friend seems almost cool. In the end though Lando mans up, rescues his friend and helps defeat the Empire.

From Episode VI Luke Skywalker: I know in the first movie he’s whinny brat and in Empire he gets his butt kicked pretty good and accidently makes out with his sister. But by the time “Return of the Jedi” hits Luke is ready to kick some butt.

Ariane will be induced on Tuesday if she doesn’t have the boy before then, so this may be the last pole. Vote now.


Lindsay said...

You could have also gone with "Ben" as an alternate to Obi-Wan. Ben is a pretty good name, right?

We vote for Jack, overall. By the way.

Scarlet said...

I was going to choose obi-wan for lari but then lando popped up and he won out. I'm all for lando.

Dave said...

When my brother and his wife got pregnant with their first child, I jokingly suggested they name the baby Lando if it was a boy. They ended up having a girl, but idea of Lando kind of stuck around. A few years later they named their first boy Landon, but pretty much the whole family calls him Lando.

Sayyadina said...

Um, if you were going for manly names... where is Han? Han is the man! Definately more manly than that Luke. Seriously. I guess of the ones you have up, I'm on board for Jango. :)

ScottBoomer said...

If you will recall several of "Star Wars" names were defeated in earlier polls. Han was among them along with Darth and R2-D2.