August 23, 2011

Redecorating: Lucy's Bedroom Edition

With the new baby coming (hopefully sooner rather than later for Ariane's sake) we needed to re locate Lucy to a new bedroom so the baby could be closer to us.

So we cleaned out the bedroom next to our family room and got it ready for its new tenant. Here’s what we started with.

Ariane’s Mom and her brother Jeff came over one night and helped paint Lucy’s new room.
My Dad also came over and helped us clean carpets and do some touch up in the room. We painted most of the room Pooh Corner which is a very light green (I thought with a name like that it should have been a dark brown) and one accent wall was painted Tinkerbell Green, which is a darker green.

The room turned out really nice, it’s got a bunch of shelves to put toys, books and other nic nacs on.

It also has a small ledge going around two walls of the room which we used to stack stuff on as well. We replaced the dingy old dark green valance with an aqua blue sheer valance with a decorative rod.

We had a Tinkerbell theme for one wall of the room. We got some wall stickers of Tinkerbell and her friends and put a bunch of her Tinkerbell stuff on the shelf on that wall.

It turned out really cute and Lucy is so excited to have her new room.


Sarah said...

Her new room is so beautiful! She also has a great bed. :)

Melanie said...

That turned out great! What an awesome room. I wonder if I could talk Ross into decorating our room like that.... ;)

Jessica said...

scott she looks so excited! What a fun present for her before baby b comes :)