September 22, 2008


We played our fifth annual Kaysville Fire vs. Farmington Fire softball game last week.
Some genious thought it would be a good idea to eat dinner before the game. So all filled up on pizza and soda then went out and tried to play soft ball.

Lariann took these pictures from behind the back stop, so sorry about the chain link.
Thats me (behind the pole batting) and standing on first base. I went 3-5 with two single and a double, scored 3 runs and had 1 RBI. Not a bad game for me.

It's the type of game where everyone plays regardless of athletic ability or age. Which why our overweight Asst. Chief Brad Lee was able to get in the game. Though he had to have some one run for him. all he did was hit and it kind of wore him out to go up and swing the bat 4 or 5 times.

It's a very high scoring game. We were up 18-11 when FFD scored 15 runs in one inning. We wound up losing 26-18. We definalty need to work on our defense a little bit before next year. FFD leads the all-time series 1-4.


Captain Power said...

you obviously weren't playing the game correctly. If you had been cheating, you would have won.

Annemarie said...

Dang! I'm sorry I missed it! That would've been fun to watch!