September 22, 2008

Welcome to Sugar House

At the beging of September I moved into a new area here at Southwest Ambulance in Salt Lake City. I am now in the Sugar House area of the city working on Southwest 3, which is good because it is as far away from the homeless shelter as you can get in out company and it's not as busy as my last station so I have more time for important things like reading, watching TV & movies, sleeping and playing video games.
The funny thing is our station is an old bakery. Our company never took down the bakery signs from off the building. Either they don't want anyone to know that it's an ambulance station or they are to cheap to worry about it.

We have had people come looking for the bakery. I offered a lady a half eaten loaf of wonder bread once, she declined my offer.

See there is an ambulance hiding back there.

And this is what our station looks like on the inside. We actually stay up in the loft where there are bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom. The down stairs is just empty right now.

So the Sugarhouse Bread Company may not sell much bread any more, but we are big on emergency medical care these days.


Amy N. said...

What? I am confused why don't they want people to know that it is an ambluance station? You guys should open up a side business and start baking. I think it looks like a cute little shop.

ScottBoomer said...

If people know we're hear then they stop and think we are clinic or something. We are really hear for emergency medicine not to hand out free medical care for non-emergent medical problems. We can only bill if we transport.
Plus we're not here all the time, we have to go out and take calls. They don't want people coming here expecting there to be some one to help them when there might not be.
If people really need our help that badly they should call 911 not come to our station. If they're gonna do that they might as well go all the way to the ER themselves.

Sam said...

Sometimes it's just hard to comprehend a person's thought process, and it gets even worse if a person starts to panic.

Oh well. It's good to hear that you have more time for important things like video games.

We've made friends with a couple down here that the husband flies the helicopter out of our little hospital. He's told us that he has the grand ambition to learn to play the guitar, but he never seems to find the time after he gets through with his requisite video gaming.

ScottBoomer said...

My partner (at work, not gay) brought up another good point. Sometimes junkies are so desperate that they might try to break in, even though we don't have any narcotics here they don't know that. So there's another good reason to try and fly under the radar.

Annemarie said...

I'd like to place an order, please. I'll have some cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip muffins, a pumpkin roll, and some scones. Oh can I get some fries with that too??