September 29, 2008


On the 19th of this month we had the two year anniversary of Larianns tumor or the "Tumorversary" as we like to call it. She also had an MRI last week up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and things are still looking good.
The Doctor told us the tumor remains looked like they were still shrinking so he recomended another two rounds of chemotherapy, she does chemo for 5 days each month, then they will have her in for another MRI.
If they don't see any improvement then they will do two more rounds of chemo and call it good. If there is improvement then they will do two more rounds of chemo and have her in for another MRI. Basically she has to have an MRI with no improvement to get off the chemo. It looks like that could happen they think the chemo is reaching the end of it's effectiveness. I know Lariann wishes she were off the chemo it tends to make her sick and tired, though she has several medications to help with that, it still dosen't make her 100%.
All things considered we think this was good news. The doctors are very happy with the way things are going and we feel very blessed.
I guess we'll go ahead and call it a "Happy Tumorversary"


Dutch John Guymons said...

YEAH!!!!! I am so excited to hear that news! I know it isn't perfect but what is in this life? So any good news is wonderful. Keep us posted on the rest!!


Ker said...

WOW! That is so awesome. Glad things are going well! Lari, I miss not seeing you each week.