September 9, 2008

Weekend in St. George

We were down in St. George this last weekend for Larianns nephews baptism. While we were down there we went and saw Les Misérables at Tuacahn. The show was great. I had never seen it before. It's not the happiest story in the world but it is a great story of triumph and redemption. The music was wonderful I really enjoyed the show.
We took Lucy on her first hike. We took a hike with some of Lucy's cousins, aunts and uncles out to the old temple quarry where they got the stones for the foundation of the St. George temple.
Lucy didn't do a whole lot of walking she rode on my shoulders most of the way.Here we are with Lucy's cousin Jordan and her aunt KristenAnd with Lucy's aunt Liz.

She did do a little bit of walking, but mostly she wanted to play with the rocks & dirt and follow her cousins Alex and Jordan around, especially when they climbed up on the big rocks.

We did make it all the way to the quarry.

On the way out apparently Lucy decided she had scene all this before so she decided that it was a good time to have her nap.


Amy N. said...

AH to be a kid again-carried anywhere and everywhere and able to sleep practically any way! Doesn't look to hot, but warmer than we have been getting-bbrrr I am not ready for cold!

Crystal said...

Carrie will be jealous that you visited sunny St. George! Looks fun - minus the carrying Lucy around! That would wear me right out...I think I could last 5 minutes with the sun down there and extra weight on a hike. Way to go Scott!

Cares said...

Oh....Scott you make me so sad!! How could you go and not even tell me!? I'm glad you guys had a good time I miss the red rocks and blue skies....sad day!!!