October 11, 2008


We had our fire open house this last week. It's an activity we do every year during national fire prevention week. We pull out all the engines and trucks, life flight lands one of their helicopters, the highway patrol brings their car crash simulator and we give out all kinds of pamphlets, stickers and magnets about fire safety.
My brother in law Jared came up from Lehi with 3 of his kids and I think they had a great time.
Here's Lucy and her cousins Tyler and Carter with the life flight helicopter.

Lucy and her cousins climbed inside and out side of Truck 61.

Tyler and Lucy inside of Engine 61.

Myself, Lucy & Lariann on the bumper of Engine 61.

Here's Jared with his kids Carter, Tyler & Ali also on Engine 61.

Here's Firefighter Harwood and Asst. Cheif Lee, our biggest and smallest members, going head to head in the car crash simulator.

Our department doesn't actually have a dalmatian but one our firefighter has one and brought her along. Lucy loved the dog. Our clown though was not as well received by Lucy. She didn't cry but she wasn't very enthusiastic about seeing him.

They also had an awards ceremony this week at city council meeting for those of us who were involved in the tanker fire incident back in February of 2005. Basically everyone on the department at the time was there so just about every body got an award. I don't think we really deserved one I mean it is our job to go out and do this so basically being paid is enough award for me. Most everybody on the department feels the same but we all went anyway. My award was a heroism award for "Knowingly placing my life in danger to save anothers". As far as I am concerned I was just doing my job.

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Scott, I had to check your post cause I figured the open house had to be this last week. So sad I wasn't there :( Looks as fun as ever. How are things there? How are you guys doing?