October 1, 2008


This has been along time fantasy of mine. A bunch of princess Leia's having a pillow fight. All they need now is a big Jaba the Hut in the middle.

On that note I think I found some Halloween costumes for my family this year.

For Lariann,Princess Leia in that same steel bikini. I may have a hard time selling this idea to her.

For my self a Han Solo Costume. Only I wont look as nerdy as this guy, I would look alot more dashing much like Harrison Ford.

Which of course would make Lucy-
Our own little baby Chewbacca. All of these costumes do exist and are for sale. Isn't the internet wonderful.


Cares said...

Oh geez... I don't even know what to say!?
I have tears coming cuz I am laughing so hard! LOL good luck with that Scott I want pictures of you all in them on halloween!

LindsayKeller said...

I'm just going to say that I'm pretty sure that Lariann wouldn't wear that costume. I feel like I can say that since I've known her for, like, 20 years. Good luck with the other stuff! It should be fun!

Captain Power said...

It's a good fantsy. I just don't want to know what you and Lariann are up too. I am glad I could find that coustme so you could write such a funny blog.

Ashley said...

Wow..! I really want to get that Chewbacca Halloween costume for my little son.

Brooke Bredthauer said...

Wow, I was shocked to see that Princess pillow fight...a little pornographic I must say. I won't let Ty see that costume...he'll probably want me to get it too!