October 1, 2008

October Rules!

October has always been one of my favorite months. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is nice and cool and I have Halloween to look forward to. None of which are the real reasons that I like October. Oh sure those things are nice and all but the real reason is SPORTS!

Football is in full swing. Saturdays are full of college football. I will usually sit down and watch just about any team play, even if I don't have a real attachment to them. I always enjoy watch the Utes play though we don't have cable so I have to go to my in-laws to see alot of the games. And occasionally my almamatter Weber State is on TV and make it a point to check them out as well. Lariann and I usually make it to one or two Wildcat or Ute games each fall. There's nothing quite like watching a game live with a few thousand of your friends.

Since going on my mission to South Carolina I also feel a little attachment to the schools from there the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Game Cocks. Though they both seem to disappoint me each year.

I love being able to sit down on Sunday after noons and watch 2 or 3 games. Lucky for us we have the early church so that is possible. My favorite team has always been the Denver Broncos
and who ever is playing the raiders and chiefs. It has come to my attention that some of my cousins support that group of criminals known as the raiders and my own nephew was recently photographed wearing a chiefs jersey. I want you all to know that I will be praying for you and may God have mercy on your souls. I do have several family member who have managed to chose the right, my cousin Carie and brother Greg have both made excellent choices.

And last but certainly not least the Major League Baseball play-offs are hear. And though my beloved St. Louis Cardinals did not get into the post season I do have a team that I will be pulling for, who ever is playing the cubs. It's only been like 100 years since they won a world series in 1908 the last time they were there was 1945. So whats one more year.

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