October 5, 2008

New Job

This last Friday I worked my last day for Southwest Ambualnce. And staring Monday I will be working for LDS Church Security.
I decided to make the change for several reasons. Better benifits and better pay were a big part of that. Also there wasn't any where to go at the ambulance. Our operation in Salt Lake is small. There's only 3 supervisor postions and two upper managment spots. Not alot of room for advancement. There's no pension, unlike the fire and police departments where you can retire in 20 years. I couldn't see my self trying to lift patients on the gurney until I was 65. All I really had to look forward to at Southwest was a 30 cent pay raise every year. There just wasn't a long term future at that company.
Don't get me wrong I loved doing ambulance work. Well most of the time. I won't miss getting up at 2am every morning, taking drunks to the hospital who are to intoxicated to go to jail or having to step foot in the homeless shelter.
I will miss the excitment. Doing CPR, going on major auto wrecks and taking major traumas.
I'll still get the chance to do some of that just not as much. I'm going to keep working part-time for Kaysville Fire. I just won't have the stabbing and shootins like I did in Salt Lake but I also won't have the drunks and homeless either.
There's going to be some adjustment to. I won't be able to play video games, watch TV, surf the internet, watch movies, go shopping and sleep like I did on the ambulance. I've got to work while I'm at work. I also won't have 4 days off in a row any more of course I also won't have to go to work for 24 hours or more I'll only be 8.
This isn't exactly where I wanted to be but it should be a good job and I am excited to be working here. There are alot of opportunities to move up and do some different things. Plus I get to be around all the church stuff all the time. I'll probably get to go to every session of confrence though it'll be to provide security not to watch confrence. But I'll still be there.
I have a month of training and then they send me out. Usually new guys start out at Temple square so that's probably where I'll be. I think I'll look something like this.


Sam said...


I know it's a hard decision to think about moving to a new job, much less a new career. It's even more impressive that you won't have to miss a paycheck in the process. A lot of people don't do something like that until it gets forced upon them.

Now, let's just hope that working for the church doesn't make you disillusioned.

Good Luck!

Amy N. said...

Congrats! Hope the adjustments go smoothly for you.

Crystal said...

Hopefully you get to meet cool people (Pres Monson would be cool, wouldn't he?) so you don't miss the excitement of the ambulance too much! If you're given extra tickets to special events I know someone you could give them to...just give me a call :)

Brooke Bredthauer said...

You'll be great and we're excited to hear how it goes!

Sam said...

I just saw a Southwest ambulance leaving Northern X (I'm in Utah for a very short business trip). It's good to think that you should be helping a very different group of people.

Ker said...

Hey Scott, great to hear. Glad you're excited about the change.