January 31, 2009

Airing of Grievances

My friend Dave likes to air some of his grievances on his blog from time to time. And he has asked me to do the same.
Usually these are little things that just drive you nuts during your day to day life. Like cars driving in your blind spot, news anchors who are annoying stuff like that.
As an EMT I hate when people call 911 for the most minor stuff. I've been called for tooth aches, vomiting, head aches, can't sleep and even once a lady just wanted a ride to her doctors appointment with her OB. 911 is for medical emergencies.
I hate when people don't shovel their side walks. It's either walk in the road or walk through the snow. You managed to shovel your drive way would it take that much longer to do the sidewalk?
My friends bagging on my music. Guess what, I've had the same taste in music for a long time now. You should be used to it. I don't care what you think, I like what I like.
Leaving lights on. Maybe it's because I work at night that I notice this. But when I am going through offices at night there are always lights left on. I'm sure people are just absent minded or maybe lazy but when you get so many of them and it happening every night I begin to wonder how much money the church spends on lights in empty rooms.


Cares said...

Haha I fell yesterday on snow / ice that wasn't shoveled, it was a bit embarrassing, I am not sure if anyone saw it but still embarrassing!
One thing that drives me absolutely MAD is mini van drivers!! AGH!! You are no longer in you high school race car, you do not have the juice to do somethings so STOP cutting people off!!!! I HATE Utah county they are the WORST mini van drivers ever!!!

Dave said...

While it's true that you have had the same taste in music for a long time, we have been bagging on it for just as long, so I argue that you should be used to it as well.