January 24, 2009

Hannah Montana

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last year or so, you've probably heard of Disney's TV show Hannah Montana staring Miley Cyrus daughter of one hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus who's hit Achy Breaky Heart entertained us all in the mid 1990's. It's good to see that old Billy is still involved in show business, even if it is just riding his daughters coat tails.

The show is about a teen who leads a secret life as pop star under a different name, Hannah Montana. Apparently they get into all kinds of humorous situations trying to keep this a secret and trying to enjoy life as a regular teen-ager. Billy Ray plays her father on the show. Now that just sounds like riveting television.

Now I've never actually watched a full episode of this show. But you can find Hannah Montana stuff every where. They make clothes, toys, CD's, DVD's, food, make up, lotion, Christmas ornaments, bedding and almost anything else you can imagine.

When Lariann would go shopping I would point out some of this Hannah Montana stuff and ask her if she would like it. I would usually get some response like, "I'm not a 12 year old girl" or "Don't waste our money on that junk" and "I'll never where that out in public" and "It's not right for an adult man to be this obsessed with a teen-age girl". Which just made me want to get her some Hannah Montana stuff even more.

Lariann new this and was pretty sure that she was going to get a bunch of Hannah Montana stuff come Christmas morning, since I have a reputation of taking a joke to far.

Well I followed through on my threats and got Lariann a Hannah Montana head band and a calender so now we can have Hannah Montana hanging in our kitchen year round. Below is Lariann modeling the head band and showing the calender.
I promised not to by her more Hannah Montana stuff if she posed like Hannah Montana for this picture. I don't know if I can keep that promise though, valentines day is coming up and I'm sure there will be Hannah Montana valentines, chocolates, shirts, decorations, lingerie et....
(Numer of times the name Hannah Montana appears in this post: 14, counting this sentence and the two pictures.)


Amy N. said...

OKAY now Scott just admit that YOU are an obsessed crazed fan using his wife as an excuse to buy the stuff! Now that it is out...Jacey shares your obsession! Everytime she sees anything Hannah Montana she swears she will die if she does not get it (okay maybe she is not quite that dramatic but we are getting close). Maybe if you keep dropping hints like this she will get you some of your own :) hahaha!

I love the head band and the pose!

Crystal said...

I've watched the show and I was actually entertained. I used to watch "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life" and look forward to when they were on. So I think it's just fine that you want to have some "Hannah Montana" stuff in your house. I am kind of surprised though that you used Lari and not Lucy as an excuse! I guess Lucy will get her chance when you want something like "My Little Pony". Poor girls!

EmandZachsmom said...

Its like their TWINS! Ohh my!

Ker said...

Wow Scott...you'd be right at home in our house. The girls BOTH have that exact same calendar in their rooms! With girls 16 and 9, Hannah Montana is HUGE! Hailey just got HM sheets for her bday and a HM laundry hamper. HM runs a back and forth tie with High School Musical at our house! Lari.........love the pose!

Brooke Bredthauer said...

Oh my goodness!