January 3, 2009


How SWEET it is!

Pour some sugar on me! Another song reference, this one should be easier to figure out.

Like many of you who watched the Utah play in the sugar bowl last night I was shocked and amazed at what I saw. I, like 89.7% of America according to ESPN.com, was expecting The Alabama Crimson Tide to come out and rock the Utes.

Funny thing though, just the opposite happened. The Utes dominated this thing from start to finish. Making the tide look silly. "Roll Tide Roll"? I think not, the tide got rolled in this one. I enjoyed the shots of Alabama coach Nick Saban trying to figure out what was going on. I mean his team is Alabama from the mighty SEC, all they had to do was show up for this one and they should win. I guess some one forgot to tell the Utes.

I met up with my wife and daughter at my in-laws, after work, who were having a party for the event. I thought I would go over and get some free food, hang out and visit while Utah got beat down by Alabama. Little did I know I would end up watching one of the greatest college football games I've ever seen.

Sugar is so sweet, isn't it.


EmandZachsmom said...

Great song by Def Leppard! But the GAME WAS AMAZING!

Ker said...

a BLAST to watch and I'm not even a football fanatic!

Sam said...

Sounds like you were drinking some of that BCS Kool-aid.

Alabama definitely has a good football team, but Utah wasn't ranked sixth in the nation for nothing. It's possible that Utah might have lost if they had played a tougher schedule, but I was convinced that if their offense (B. Johnson) showed up, they could beat Bama.

The thing that really pissed me off was hearing so-called Ute fans on national TV acting like they were just happy to be in a BCS bowl. A couple actually GIGGLED when they were asked if they thought Utah could win.

I expected the lousy commentators to write Utah off, but Ute fans shouldn't have acted like they were lucky to even be in the same stadium as Alabama.

Sorry, Scott, I might have to ask you to turn in your red card after some of your comments. I don't want to since you've already been asked to give up your man card. So, for now, consider yourself on probation.