January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

Well it was a great Christmas for us. We moved in about 5 days before Christmas. So we were trying to set up Christmas while we were still trying to get unpacked and put our house together. The weather wasn't very co-operative for us, it snowed and was than bitter cold. On top of that I had been fighting bronchitis for a couple of weeks and being outside for 3 days didn't help that, my bronchitis came back with a vengeance thanks to all my time out in the cold. But we made it in. I want to thank everyone who came and helped with cleaning and moving. Especially those who spent several days helping like my Dad and Mom, Larianns parents and her brother John. We had more who helped but those that I have named really went above and beyond.

Lariann took Lucy over to the Kaysville Fire station to meet Santa. It went about as well as it did last year. She cried and didn't want to sit on his lap. She did enjoy the candy he gave her and she told him "Thanks for chocolate", and "Bye bye Santa".

Christmas was a lot of fun. We got Lucy up and tried to get her to open parents. She was confused about the whole thing. We had to really urge her to open presents. Her favorites were her riding fire engine and her blocks.

We had a lot of family come over and Lucy got to play with some of her cousins. She and her cousin Alex went outside and played in the snow. And her cousin Britian came over to play with the toys.


Amy N. said...

What a cute house! Looks like Lucy was into Christmas as much as Skye was. We had to let the older kids open her presents for her. Are you in a suit? Man you really dress up for Christmas morning don't you!

ScottBoomer said...

Of course I'm in a suit. Christmas is a religous holiday.
Actually I had just gotten home from work and hadn't changed yet.

Crystal said...

Funny. I was thinking that same thing about the suit. Usually people don't even bother getting out of their PJ's but Scott gets fancied up in a suit to open presents Christmas morning! When ya having a house warming party so we can check it out? It looks wonderful. I bet Lucy loves the extra room to spread out her toys! Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year (late) to you and your cute fam!!

LindsayKeller said...

I'm so glad you guys have a blog! I hope you're feeling better.