September 30, 2008


Every now and then we go on a medical call that is really weird. This morning we had one of those.
We got called for a hemorrhage(fancy way of saying bleeding).
We get there and the family of this guy tells us he's had a serrated knife and has cut him self. He comes up from down stairs cover, head to toe in blood. There was only a few cuts on him, they weren't incredibly deep and he wasn't actively bleeding from any of them. He had smeared the blood all over himself, his shirt and shorts. It was all dry to.
The firefighters told us we should go take a look at his room. He had splattered blood all over his room. Ceiling, all the walls ceiling to floor, the floor furniture, bed and TV it was all covered in blood. It was all dry just like on him so this had happened some time before his family found him.
He passed out on the way up to the hospital. Our guess is from blood loss.
I guess this is what happens when your crazy and you get bored.

September 29, 2008


On the 19th of this month we had the two year anniversary of Larianns tumor or the "Tumorversary" as we like to call it. She also had an MRI last week up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and things are still looking good.
The Doctor told us the tumor remains looked like they were still shrinking so he recomended another two rounds of chemotherapy, she does chemo for 5 days each month, then they will have her in for another MRI.
If they don't see any improvement then they will do two more rounds of chemo and call it good. If there is improvement then they will do two more rounds of chemo and have her in for another MRI. Basically she has to have an MRI with no improvement to get off the chemo. It looks like that could happen they think the chemo is reaching the end of it's effectiveness. I know Lariann wishes she were off the chemo it tends to make her sick and tired, though she has several medications to help with that, it still dosen't make her 100%.
All things considered we think this was good news. The doctors are very happy with the way things are going and we feel very blessed.
I guess we'll go ahead and call it a "Happy Tumorversary"

September 22, 2008


We played our fifth annual Kaysville Fire vs. Farmington Fire softball game last week.
Some genious thought it would be a good idea to eat dinner before the game. So all filled up on pizza and soda then went out and tried to play soft ball.

Lariann took these pictures from behind the back stop, so sorry about the chain link.
Thats me (behind the pole batting) and standing on first base. I went 3-5 with two single and a double, scored 3 runs and had 1 RBI. Not a bad game for me.

It's the type of game where everyone plays regardless of athletic ability or age. Which why our overweight Asst. Chief Brad Lee was able to get in the game. Though he had to have some one run for him. all he did was hit and it kind of wore him out to go up and swing the bat 4 or 5 times.

It's a very high scoring game. We were up 18-11 when FFD scored 15 runs in one inning. We wound up losing 26-18. We definalty need to work on our defense a little bit before next year. FFD leads the all-time series 1-4.

Welcome to Sugar House

At the beging of September I moved into a new area here at Southwest Ambulance in Salt Lake City. I am now in the Sugar House area of the city working on Southwest 3, which is good because it is as far away from the homeless shelter as you can get in out company and it's not as busy as my last station so I have more time for important things like reading, watching TV & movies, sleeping and playing video games.
The funny thing is our station is an old bakery. Our company never took down the bakery signs from off the building. Either they don't want anyone to know that it's an ambulance station or they are to cheap to worry about it.

We have had people come looking for the bakery. I offered a lady a half eaten loaf of wonder bread once, she declined my offer.

See there is an ambulance hiding back there.

And this is what our station looks like on the inside. We actually stay up in the loft where there are bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom. The down stairs is just empty right now.

So the Sugarhouse Bread Company may not sell much bread any more, but we are big on emergency medical care these days.

September 21, 2008

Celebrity Collage

My own celebrity collage was so popular that my wife Lariann and sister Alison wanted one of their own. So here are the results.

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free family tree - Lineage

September 17, 2008

Celebrity Look Alike

I saw this on my friend Lyndsay's blog and thought I'd try it out.
It tired several different photos of my self and each time it brings up 10 celebrities that you look like as far as facial features goes. These four are the ones that came up the most.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family heritage - Family tree chart

September 9, 2008

Weekend in St. George

We were down in St. George this last weekend for Larianns nephews baptism. While we were down there we went and saw Les Misérables at Tuacahn. The show was great. I had never seen it before. It's not the happiest story in the world but it is a great story of triumph and redemption. The music was wonderful I really enjoyed the show.
We took Lucy on her first hike. We took a hike with some of Lucy's cousins, aunts and uncles out to the old temple quarry where they got the stones for the foundation of the St. George temple.
Lucy didn't do a whole lot of walking she rode on my shoulders most of the way.Here we are with Lucy's cousin Jordan and her aunt KristenAnd with Lucy's aunt Liz.

She did do a little bit of walking, but mostly she wanted to play with the rocks & dirt and follow her cousins Alex and Jordan around, especially when they climbed up on the big rocks.

We did make it all the way to the quarry.

On the way out apparently Lucy decided she had scene all this before so she decided that it was a good time to have her nap.

September 1, 2008


I figured this was a good one to follow after all the Olympic posts.