July 17, 2012

Swim Lessons

We signed Lucy up for swim lessons this summer, a neighbor of ours teaches swimming and her classes are one hour a day for one week but she only teaches one student at a time. So Lucy got some really quality one on one instruction.
It was a really good experience for Lucy; she loves to play in the water, though she is not always the best student. She seems to have a bit of her mother in her when it comes to the water. Lariann never cared much for swimming or boating, especially when it came to water that was deeper then she was. Lucy’s teacher had a hard time getting her to do stuff like put her face in the water and jump into the pool, it got better as the week went on.
She loved the free time swim, especially when Stephanie brought her girls with her to play. Hopefully next year she will be a little braver.

July 14, 2012

July 4th, 2012

One of our traditions for Independence Day is attending the Kaysville 4th of July parade. Mostly because the fire department is in the parade and I work for the fire department. We gather at the Kaysville fire station with other families of the fire fighters to watch the parade. Ariane got the kids Independence Day t-shirts, this was Jacks first 4th of July, he was having a great time until the parade started.
Once it was time for the parade to start Jack was ready for a bottle and nap, Grandma Evans was there to help him with that.
My sister in law Rachel brought her daughter Kira over to the fire station to watch the parade with us.
Kira and Lucy had a great time gathering candy that they were not going to eat and neither was I.
I find this cheap salt water taffy to be less desirable, so I left Lucy’s candy at the fire station for others to enjoy. I even had brief appearance on the KSL evening news, tossing candy to kids along the sidewalk. Unfortunately there is a tradition in the fire service that if you are identified on the news either on TV or in the paper, you have to bring in treats for the rest of the department. So I brought in stuff for root beer floats last Wednesday.