September 27, 2009


We went to Denver CO last weekend to visit my Aunts family. My Dad, Lucy and my self traveled out across the open frontier. We had a good time and did a lot of fun things, baseball games, golf, eagle court of honors and museum's to name a few.

We took Lucy to the living faram in Littleton. Lucy saw all kinds of barn yard animals and other farm stuff.

Here's Lucy playing in the farm kitchen.

My Aunt Nancy, Lucy and I with the sheep.

And us with the pig, probably Lucy's favorite animal there.

She got to climb on some of the farm equipment.

I spoke at my cousin Tolans eagle court of honor. Which was the other reason for going to Denver, not just that the Cardinals were in town to play the Rockies.

My Dad and my cousin Tolan out side the stadium

A view of Coors field from our seats

Tolan and I in the stands. Our seats were way up at the top, but it was still a good game.

Albert Pujols, reigning MVP at the bat

My Dad and I

The Cardinals clinched the NL Central Division that night, it was great, I was so excited to be there for it, maybe not as excited as the St. Louis players were but pretty close.

September 22, 2009

San Diego

I've been under some pressure the past week from friends and family to put some thing up about our trip, so here it is. I've put it into several different posts instead of one huge one. Maybe that makes for easier reading.

We had a great time, we went to the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park, Sea World, a Padres Baseball game and the Maritime Museum. We also ate seafood three out of four nights since our hotel was right across from one of the major harbors, the fourth night was hot dogs, soda, pop corn and peanuts at the ball game. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park was fun, but hot. It's farther in land then the rest of the stuff we did so you loose that nice ocean breeze.

The shows were fun for our family. My Dad and Alison got to go on stage for a couple of them and Lucy got close to a few animals which was thrilling for her.

Lucy found a way to beat the heat in this kids play area where they spray water.

The petting area was a big hit with her. They had these dear from Africa that she got to feed and pet.

The carousel was so much fun she had to go twice in a row with out getting off.
Even then she still wanted to ride it more.


The world famous San Diego Zoo was a lot like the Wild Animal Park only a little more up close. We saw all kinds of animals like zebras,giraffes and tigers.

You probably can't tell but there's a panda bear in this tree behind us. Had to go see this since you can only see them here and in DC. They were like a lot of the other animals, asleep and boring.

Even more exciting than real animals are statues of animals you can climb on.

The petting area was still popular for Lucy as was the "Skyfarie".


My Dad, Alison and my self went to a Padres game one night, they were playing the Colorado Rockies. It was 9/11 so they did a lot of cool things like have some of the navy officers bring out the huge flag that covers the outfield and the teams wore red hats with white and blue team logos. The Padres were winning 1-0 when Colorado scored 4 runs in the 9th inning to beat them.

Sea World

Sea World was a lot of fun, Lucy liked it since there was plenty of water for her to stick her hands in and we got to see all kinds of sea creatures.

Like the star fish.

And the bat rays.

Lucy liked Shamu the killer whale, of course she pronounces it Shampoo, she'll tell you all how he splashes, jumps out of the water and eats fish.

Lucy also really liked the penguins, she can tell you about them swimming in the water.

The shows weren't as big a thrill for her, they were loud and confusing and it was hot. She did like most the animals, especially anything that would splash.

Maritime Mueseum

Our last stop in San Diego was the Maritime Mueseum is a collection of ships in one of the habors of San Diego. Lucy actually really liked this since she could run around, touch stuff and nobody told her to stop. We left strait for home after this.

The first was the Star of India an old passenger and cargo ship.

Next we went an old Soviet Submarine, well all of us except my Mom who is claustrpohobic.

After which we visited the Enterprise an old British battle ship, which is some Russel Crowe movie, I think it was "Master and Comander" but I could be wrong.

The last ship we visited was the USS Dolphin the last diesel/electric sub that the navy used, it was decomishined in 2002. Again my Mom decided not to visit this one either, she would rather change Lucy's diaper, I'm not kidding.

We really enjoyed oursleves on this trip. It was good to get away and not worry about stuff at home or work and be able to spend so much time with my little girl. I wish Lari could have been with us, she would have loved it, all except the sea food.