October 26, 2008

Desert Island Discs.

This is an idea I got from my friend Dave. The basic idea as he puts it is "what albums would you want if you were stranded on a desert island that just happens to have a stereo and electricity but still no way to contact anyone for help".

There are a few rules that he decided to make:

• Only one album from each artist (forcing you to make some tough choices).
• No greatest hits or compilations of any kind (that would be cheating).
• Limit the list to 10.
• Ignore the iPod factor since it essentially makes this list obsolete. It's not about the technology anyway, it's about the music! Plus "Desert Island Discs" sounds a lot snappier than "Desert Island Playlist."

I've tried to select a decent variety of albums, I mean who knows how long I'll be on this island I better be prepared for no matter what my mood is. And now the moment you've all been waiting for my albums in no particular order.

1-"Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It's old time swing with a modern twist. I've just got to have some jazz on my island.

2-"Thriller", Michael Jackson. This one goes back to before Michael became a crazy child lover. It was the 80's and he was on top of the world. There's a lot of good stuff on this one. To bad this is where his sanity and music peaked.

3-"Stunt", Barenaked Ladies. There are alot of songs by the Barenaked Ladies that I like, they seem to be spread out accross several albums though. This is the album that I remember being the first time I heard of these guys, and was a little disapointed to find out it was a group of fully clothed men.

4-"Rock of Ages", The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 30 great hymns. You've got to have something to listen to on a Sunday. Even though you may not know for sure when Sunday is on a deserted island.

5-"Endless Summer", The Beach Boys. I grew listening to this album. We would take it on car trips and listen to it over and over when we were kids. Plus if your on a deserted island it seems like the perfect theme music.

6-"In Pieces", Garth Brooks. There were alot of albums I could of used here. Garth Brooks is to country what Elvis Presley is to rock and roll. This album would probably be my favorite.

7-"Falling Into You", Celine Dion. Once again there were alot of albums I could have used but since I had to pick one this album seems to have more songs that I like than the others. I really enjoy her powerful voice.

8-"Daydream", Mariah Carey. This was the first CD I ever owned. I really like Mariah Carey before she went all R&B and became a really big skank.

9-"The Music Man". I felt like a needed a musical in here and this one is my favorite.

10-"Come On Over", Shania Twain. This is probably my most listned to album ever. Every song on this album is great and it's not often you find an album that you like from start to finish.

There you have it. I think I have a pretty good variety here. Enough to stave off going insane all alone on island for at least a few days. What would you have on your island?
Feel free to make your own list but in the mean time I will tag some of my friends and family to help give them some motivation to do their own.
I tag:

October 18, 2008

One Year Later

Well my blog has been up and running for a year now. So I've decided to take a look back at some of my favorite moments. I've also set up a poll to find out which picture from the last year was the best. Go ahead and vote and leave a comment if you would like telling us all why you think the picture you picked is best from the blogs first year.

SAD SANTA Her visit to Santa was not a happy one. She must not of known that this man was going to bring her toys.
BIRTHDAY Lucy wasn't sure what all the fuss was about this day and her face here is classic.
BREAK DANCING Lucy and her cousin Britan really know how to party at a wedding.
OLYMPIC WEDDGIES How can they not notice this and why would anyone take this picture.
FIRE TRUCK LUCY It was pretty hard to get Lucy to stick her head of the window long enough to take this picture.
THE HAGGIS Lariann and I enjoying a Scotish dish.
PILLOW FIGHT Isn't the internet great.
SALT LAKE SEARCH Brad and I used to drive all over the city taking pictures; hard to belive we ever got any work done.
BAD HAIR DAY Beauty hurts I guess.
RETARDS We really do all know one.
ICEE MACHINE Cole Brock and I drinking out of the icee machine at lagoon while dressed as devils for frightmares.

October 11, 2008


We had our fire open house this last week. It's an activity we do every year during national fire prevention week. We pull out all the engines and trucks, life flight lands one of their helicopters, the highway patrol brings their car crash simulator and we give out all kinds of pamphlets, stickers and magnets about fire safety.
My brother in law Jared came up from Lehi with 3 of his kids and I think they had a great time.
Here's Lucy and her cousins Tyler and Carter with the life flight helicopter.

Lucy and her cousins climbed inside and out side of Truck 61.

Tyler and Lucy inside of Engine 61.

Myself, Lucy & Lariann on the bumper of Engine 61.

Here's Jared with his kids Carter, Tyler & Ali also on Engine 61.

Here's Firefighter Harwood and Asst. Cheif Lee, our biggest and smallest members, going head to head in the car crash simulator.

Our department doesn't actually have a dalmatian but one our firefighter has one and brought her along. Lucy loved the dog. Our clown though was not as well received by Lucy. She didn't cry but she wasn't very enthusiastic about seeing him.

They also had an awards ceremony this week at city council meeting for those of us who were involved in the tanker fire incident back in February of 2005. Basically everyone on the department at the time was there so just about every body got an award. I don't think we really deserved one I mean it is our job to go out and do this so basically being paid is enough award for me. Most everybody on the department feels the same but we all went anyway. My award was a heroism award for "Knowingly placing my life in danger to save anothers". As far as I am concerned I was just doing my job.

October 5, 2008

New Job

This last Friday I worked my last day for Southwest Ambualnce. And staring Monday I will be working for LDS Church Security.
I decided to make the change for several reasons. Better benifits and better pay were a big part of that. Also there wasn't any where to go at the ambulance. Our operation in Salt Lake is small. There's only 3 supervisor postions and two upper managment spots. Not alot of room for advancement. There's no pension, unlike the fire and police departments where you can retire in 20 years. I couldn't see my self trying to lift patients on the gurney until I was 65. All I really had to look forward to at Southwest was a 30 cent pay raise every year. There just wasn't a long term future at that company.
Don't get me wrong I loved doing ambulance work. Well most of the time. I won't miss getting up at 2am every morning, taking drunks to the hospital who are to intoxicated to go to jail or having to step foot in the homeless shelter.
I will miss the excitment. Doing CPR, going on major auto wrecks and taking major traumas.
I'll still get the chance to do some of that just not as much. I'm going to keep working part-time for Kaysville Fire. I just won't have the stabbing and shootins like I did in Salt Lake but I also won't have the drunks and homeless either.
There's going to be some adjustment to. I won't be able to play video games, watch TV, surf the internet, watch movies, go shopping and sleep like I did on the ambulance. I've got to work while I'm at work. I also won't have 4 days off in a row any more of course I also won't have to go to work for 24 hours or more I'll only be 8.
This isn't exactly where I wanted to be but it should be a good job and I am excited to be working here. There are alot of opportunities to move up and do some different things. Plus I get to be around all the church stuff all the time. I'll probably get to go to every session of confrence though it'll be to provide security not to watch confrence. But I'll still be there.
I have a month of training and then they send me out. Usually new guys start out at Temple square so that's probably where I'll be. I think I'll look something like this.

October 1, 2008

October Rules!

October has always been one of my favorite months. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is nice and cool and I have Halloween to look forward to. None of which are the real reasons that I like October. Oh sure those things are nice and all but the real reason is SPORTS!

Football is in full swing. Saturdays are full of college football. I will usually sit down and watch just about any team play, even if I don't have a real attachment to them. I always enjoy watch the Utes play though we don't have cable so I have to go to my in-laws to see alot of the games. And occasionally my almamatter Weber State is on TV and make it a point to check them out as well. Lariann and I usually make it to one or two Wildcat or Ute games each fall. There's nothing quite like watching a game live with a few thousand of your friends.

Since going on my mission to South Carolina I also feel a little attachment to the schools from there the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Game Cocks. Though they both seem to disappoint me each year.

I love being able to sit down on Sunday after noons and watch 2 or 3 games. Lucky for us we have the early church so that is possible. My favorite team has always been the Denver Broncos
and who ever is playing the raiders and chiefs. It has come to my attention that some of my cousins support that group of criminals known as the raiders and my own nephew was recently photographed wearing a chiefs jersey. I want you all to know that I will be praying for you and may God have mercy on your souls. I do have several family member who have managed to chose the right, my cousin Carie and brother Greg have both made excellent choices.

And last but certainly not least the Major League Baseball play-offs are hear. And though my beloved St. Louis Cardinals did not get into the post season I do have a team that I will be pulling for, who ever is playing the cubs. It's only been like 100 years since they won a world series in 1908 the last time they were there was 1945. So whats one more year.


This has been along time fantasy of mine. A bunch of princess Leia's having a pillow fight. All they need now is a big Jaba the Hut in the middle.

On that note I think I found some Halloween costumes for my family this year.

For Lariann,Princess Leia in that same steel bikini. I may have a hard time selling this idea to her.

For my self a Han Solo Costume. Only I wont look as nerdy as this guy, I would look alot more dashing much like Harrison Ford.

Which of course would make Lucy-
Our own little baby Chewbacca. All of these costumes do exist and are for sale. Isn't the internet wonderful.