February 16, 2013

Lucy turns 6

Lucy turned 6 years old this week. She was really excited for her birthday this year. She got to be the star student in her class, so she made a poster about her and got to tell her class all about it. She also brought Oreo cookies to pass out to everyone. 
We threw Lucy a wild party. What kind of party would a little girl like; a princess party or perhaps a My Little Pony party? Nope, she wanted an Avengers party. Lucy is really into super heroes right now. To help with the hero theme we got Lucy a Black Widow costume, no not the gross, terrifying spider, but the super hero from the avengers. She is Lucy’s favorite.
She was so excited about it she wore it for two straight days, other than school. We also got her an Avengers shirt and a Thor helmet and hammer.
Ariane made super hero masks for all the kids, Wolverine masks, and we assembled the Avengers for a party.
It was fun, we played some super hero themed games. Like pin the hammer on Thor.

Black Widows bad guy shoot out.

They used paper plates to make their own Captain America shields.

Lucy got a bunch of fun presents from the kids.

We then fed them all Avengers cup cakes.

Lucy had so much fun and she is already planning next year’s party.