October 29, 2010

New Mexico

A few weeks ago Ariane and Lucy took a trip down to Albuquerque New Mexico along with my parents to visit my brother Tyler, his wife Brooke and their two little boys Britain and Braden.

Grandma and Grandpa both enjoyed spending time with their grandkids.

They had a lot of fun going to the zoo

Interesting facts: the hippopotamus is Arianes favorite animal and Animal Planet listed it as the second most disgusting animal on the earth.

And to the park, where Lucy and Britain would run through the water.

Britian apperently is a great tour guide.

And while they were down in The Land of Enchantment I worked 16 hours overtime that weekend. Hey, some ones gotta pay the bills around here.

October 26, 2010


I went back to work at Lagoons first aid department again this year for my 6th year there. Since I get into the park free I decided to get Ariane and Lucy season passes this year and it was worth it. We've had a really good time together.

I have noticed that there are several rides that have a dragon theme or a dragon in them like...

Puff the Dragon, a roller coaster for kids and parents

The Jumping Dragon, a ride that spins around frontwards and backwards and is also for adults and kids

There is dragon car on the Scallywags ride, a ride that spins around and the kids can make the car go up and down, unfortunately adults cannot ride this with their kids

The Carousel has a dragon on it as well, Lucy is not happy to be getting off this ride and of course you can ride this with your kids.

The Dragon Fly may be bit of stretch here since it's an insect not so much an actual dragon but it dose have dragon in its name. It is a swing ride that also spins around and you can ride it with your kids to.

And finally it's Coleuses the Fire Dragon. Lucy isn't tall enough for this nor dose she have the back bone for it yet but hopefully some day we will ride it together.

Lucy is also doing very well training in Lagoons Air Force

Like the Sky Fighter

The Red Baron planes

And the Helicopters.
All of which do the same thing, spin around and go up and down.

Hopefully we can increase her training in the future by riding the Paratroopers, Flying Aces and even the Rocket, though she may have to do that last one solo since I hate it.

October 16, 2010

New Bed

A couple of weeks ago we finally broke down and got Lucy out a crib and into a bed.
We let her pick out her own sheets for the bed. They had all kinds of options at the store, princes, Tinkerbelle, SpongeBob to name a few. But Lucy saw the Cars sheets and had to have them.

We did at least have a nice comforter to put over the Cars sheets that is a little more girly.Last year my aunt Jennifer took an old sheet set and some old pajamas of Larianns and she patched it together into a quilt. Once night Jennifer had some of my family and some of Larianns famiy over and they tied the quilt. Now Lucy has this wonderful blanket made out her Moms old pj’s and sheets.

Funny thing about the new bed, Lucy won’t get out of it on her own. Every morning she calls for one of us to come get her and every morning we go in and tell her she can get out any time she wants, which she then does. It’s like she’s looking for our permission to get up. I’m sure this will all change in a few years and instead of her telling us she’s ready to get up it’ll be us telling her it’s time to get up.

October 14, 2010

2010 Baseball Season

We are now half way through the month of October, which means that the baseball playoffs and the World Series will soon be coming to an end.
Though the Cardinals failed to make it to the post season this year it was still a great baseball season for me. I made it to four professional games this year, which ties my personal best from last season. I went to two games in Kansas City, two in New York and went to one minor league game Ogden.

Last year I started buying baseball t-shirts from the games I went to for Lucy. She already had a royals shirt from last year. But while we were in New York for a couple of games in August I got Lucy a few shirts.

For the Mets I found this Jose Reyes t-shirt.

I picked up a Yankees shirt for Lucy and my Dad since he is a big fan of the Yankees.

Grandma Evans was nice enough to spoil Lucy at the Ogden Raptors game we took her too and got Lucy a t-shirt and a ball.

It was a pretty good year for baseball, I don’t know if I will be able to equal the success of this year, since Tyler and his family moved from Kansas City to New Mexico. But I’m sure going to try.