December 28, 2012


It was another fun Christmas at our house. I really need to be better about taking pictures of stuff we do I didn’t take pictures of any of the places we went, parties we went to or activities we participated in. What I did get is some great pictures of the kids opening and playing with their presents on Christmas morning.

Lucy got a combination of Avengers and My Little Ponies for Christmas, both were a big hit for her.
My parents also got her this princess tent which has been a lot of fun for her.

It took Jack a few presents before he got the hang of opening them but once he did, boy look out. He even helped himself to opening a few presents that we were giving away.
His favorite present was this lawnmower that my parents got him. Jack loves lawnmowers and has made sure that the grass is really short in our house since he got it.

Ariane and I got Denver Broncos jerseys for our signature Christmas present.
They are having such a good year that it seemed like the perfect gift.

I hope your Christmas was as fun as ours and I’m sorry that your favorite football team is not as awesome as the Denver Broncos.