August 4, 2009

Turning 30

Last week I turned 30. I really had nothing planned, it's not that I was upset about being old or anything, I've just been depressed a lot the last three months and didn't feel like celebrating anything. I hear you're only as young as you feel, well the last three months I feel more like I'm turning 50 instead of 30.
Luckily I have some great family and friends who threw a big surprise party for me and really helped lift my spirits.

My sister Alison and sister-in-law Rachel came over to my house late at night and decorated it so all my neighbors would know how old I was getting.

Rachel also went to the effort to create a shirt for Lucy that read "Wow! My Dad is 30 Today. That Old!"

I thought that this was the extent of my surprises for the day. My friends Dave and Marc had decided to take me out to dinner that night and then we were going to head back to my place where I thought we would be joined by a few family members and have some cake. I knew Alison was going to get one for me. Little did I know that this was just a distraction and that Alison, Rachel and Marc had contacted more friends and family to gather at my place and that Alison and Rachel were in the process of decorating the inside of my place. So when I walked in the door I was quite surprised to see a large gathering of friends and family.

At which point I was forced to wear a party hat and sash that read "Thirty and Thrilling"

There was quite the spread, party food, drinks, ice cream and apparently when you turn 30 you need two cakes. But they were both good so it was cool.

Lots of presents like Oreo cookies and Pepsi, and a giant birthday card.

Thanks every one, especially Carl for going and getting the food, Marc for inviting people, Dave for arranging to get me out of the house, Rachel and Alison for decorating my house, helping clean up afterward, getting the cakes, making a shirt for Lucy and knowing that I really needed this to help me feel better.

P.S. "The Power Week" will continue to be only "The Power Week". No power month or year as some had suggested, however we will acknowledge Monica and JD's anniversary as part of "The Power Week". These changes will become effective immediately.