July 25, 2013

Baseball Tee Shirts

I started a tradition several years ago where I would get Lucy a t-shirt from every baseball stadium I visited.  As seen in these previous blog posts, 2009 and 2010During our trip this last spring to Ohio and Kentucky I thought it was appropriate to continue this tradition with Lucy and Jack.

The Cleveland Indians
The Cincinnati Reds

 I was a little hesitant to buy Reds shirts for the kids, since they are a division rival of the St. Louis Cardinals and there has been some bad blood between the two teams the last three or four year but it’s not like there cubs shirts.

We also picked up some Eastern Kentucky University Colonels shirts for the kids and Ariane as well.

Not to forget about the Cardinals this mother’s and father’s day Ariane and I got matching Cardinals jerseys. 

What a good looking pair.

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The Bredthauers said...

Time for you to come visit Chicago. I would love to see Lucy and Jack in Cub Blue. You know you want to visit Wrigley Field.