March 25, 2014

100 Years of LDS Scouting

This last fall we the scouts of troop 630 went to the museum of scouting heritage. we went there to do some merit badges and for the 100th years of LDS scouting. The merit badges that we did was  the art merit badge and the scouting heritage merit badge. Here is some more information about what we did there and some pictures.

To give more information on the art part of what we did we first started by just looking at the art from the Boys Life Magazine painted by Norman Rockwell. After looking at the we filled out information about them and what they represented. We had a little joke and had two of our scouts Sam and Dylan pose in front of one of the pictures. But we learned a lot that day about the old scouts.  For information on art merit badge see the officail boy scout link-

In the scouting heritage part of the museum, we learned a lot about the people that helped found the Boy Scouts of America. In 1913, the LDS church adopted the scouting program that was started by Lord Baden Powell. In the exhibit, they had many scouting artifacts, such as the evolution of the scouting uniform through the years. For information on the scouting heritage badge see this link-

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